Applied Channel Theory – Practical Applications Part I – Course venue: Shou Zhong, Berlin
Jason Robertson, Seattle/USA – German translator: Roswitha Laabs
15.03.19 bis 17.03.19

Course venue: Shou Zhong, Berlin – An AGTCM-affiliated Chinese Medicine & acupuncture school

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Here is a short introduction from Jason Robertson filmed in Seattle:

Course Description

Palpating meridians is a classic diagnostic technique rarely taught in detail and in practice in the modern acupuncture curriculum. However, in the classical texts on acupuncture in the Nei Jing / Nan Jing, the palpation of meridians for diagnosis and point selection is described.

In this three-day course, Jason Robertson will teach the theory and technique of palpating the meridians based on the clinical experience of Prof. Wang Yu-yi.
For a broader overview, you may want to check out the book ‚Applied Channel Theory in Chinese Medicine: Wang Ju-Yi’s Lectures on Channel Therapeutics‘ published by Eastland Press.  Jason will also cover the theory of the 6 meridian pair (levels‘) energetics of Tai Yin, Yang Ming, Shao Yang, Tai Yang, Jue Yin, Shao Yang, and their qi dynamics as well as functions.


  • Introduction to treating the meridians and Applied Channel Theory
  • The 6 levels in their function as opening / acting like hinge / storing
  • Description of the meridians and points as presented in the classics
  • The three depths and their meaning
  • Introduction to the practice of meridian palpation: learn and
    practice the correct technique. Palpate emptiness and fullness
  • All levels are discussed regarding their physiology,
    point localization, experiential & clinical point combinations
  • Palpation and physiology of the Du Mai
  • The course is in English. Consecutive translation into German: Roswitha Laabs


    Basic knowledge of acupuncture u. Chinese medicine.

    All participants receive a certificate of attendance from the Association for Classical Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine e.V. (AGTCM).


    Jason Robertson

    Jason Robertson – together with his teacher, Professor Wang Ju-Yi (王 居 易), the co-author of „Applied Channel Theory in Chinese Medicine“, Eastland Press – has studied Chinese for 25 years and studied Chinese medicine in Chengdu and Beijing. He is currently working in his private practice in Seattle, WA, and is a faculty member of the Seattle Institute of Oriental Medicine. Jason Robertson teaches worldwide. Please visit for more info.

    Course Location:
    Shou Zhong – Training center for Chinese Medicine
    Belzig St. 69/71
    10823 Berlin
    Tel. 030/29044603

    15th – 17th March 2019

    Course times:
    Friday 10:00 to 17:00
    Saturday 09:00 to 18:00
    Sunday 09:00 to 16:00

    AGTCM Credit Hours: 23

    Costs: 570 €
    AGTCM members: 456 €
    TCM Fachverband-Schweiz members: 513€

    This course is recognized as a CPD course with the TCM Fachverband – Schweiz (the Association of TCM professionals in Switzerland).

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