Treating chronic pain and depression with Japanese Acupuncture
Kiiko Matsumoto, LicAc – German translator: Roswitha Laabs
29.06.19 bis 30.06.19

Kiiko Matsumoto teaching in Europe at ABZ MITTE: Frankfurt airport nearby

Course description

Many patients come to our clinics with chronic pain.
Chronic pain is classified as a psychiatric disorder in conventional medicine, and neurologically it bears the same traits as „depression“.
At the same time, chronic pain also causes emotional distress and is often accompanied by depression.

What can you expect from this workshop?
Kiiko is exceptionally practical in her lessons: She demonstrates on a patients her own treatment strategies as carried out in her clinic in Boston. This is not a theoretical workshop, the focus is on real clinical practice. You will go home with treatment concepts that you can apply directly in your own clinic.

Why Japanese Acupuncture?
In post-war Japan, acupuncturists like Kiyoshi Nagano began remarkable and fruitful investigations. Despite his blindness, Nagano memorized Chinese canonical literature and supplemented his knowledge with Western medicine. Over the course of half a century, he used his exceptional tactile skills to create sophisticated acupuncture protocols for chronic, stress-induced illnesses.

Your teacher
Kiiko Matsumoto is considered by many to be a „living master of acupuncture“. As a world-renowned teacher and author, she has documented the strategies of major Japanese acupuncture masters such as Master Nagano, Master Kawai, and Dr. Manaka. She has integrated them into a coherent and clinically efficient system. Kiiko Matsumoto teaches her approach worldwide and runs a private acupuncture clinic in Newton Highlands, MA.

The course language is English with a consecutive translation into German. The script is in English.

Translator: Roswitha Laabs
Assistant: John Jaarsveld


Knowledge of acupuncture and hara diagnosis


All participants will receive a certificate of the “Arbeitsgemeinschaft für Klassische Akupunktur und TCM e.V.”

Course Language

The course will be in English with a translation into German.

The lecturer

Gastdozentin Kiiko Matsumoto im ABZ MITTE Offenbach

Kiiko Matsumoto, LicAc.,

is known for her scientific work on acupuncture and interpretations of classcial Chinese texts. In the US she has published 4 core texts on acupuncture.
Mrs. Matsumoto publishes regularly in the Japanese acupuncture journal Ido-No-Nippon. Two video courses on her teachings are available as well. She is in the management of the KINKO Hospital in Yokohama. A hospital focusing on psychiatric diseases. She is known for integrating styles of famous Japanese Masters such as Master Nagano, Master Kawai, and Dr. Manaka. Regular teaching engagements around the world ensure a loyal following of students. In the US Mrs Matsumoto also runs a busy acupuncture clinic in Newton, Massachusetts.

Course location
Ausbildungszentrum Mitte
Frankfurter Str. 59
63067 Offenbach, entrance in the yard to the right, 3rd floor
Tel: 069 / 82 36 14 17, Fax: 069 / 82 36 17 49

Course date
June 29th – June 30th 2019

Saturday: 10.00 – 18.00
Sunday: 09.00 – 16.30

Credit points: 16

Course fee: 512 €
AGTCM-Members: 409 €
TCM Fachverband Schweiz-members: 460 €

Upon receipt of your registration, you will receive an invoice 2-3 weeks before the start of the course with all course dates and detailed information on payment methods.