Aus- und Weiterbildungszentrum für Klassische Akupunktur und Traditionelle Chinesische Medizin e.V. in OFFENBACH/FRANKFURT

The Treatment of Anxiety, Depression & Other Mood Disorders

20.03. – 19.05.2024
Peter Holmes, L.Ac., M.H., Interpreter: Daniela Henning, Interpreter: Werner Freystätter

The online part of the course will be recorded. The recording will be made available to the participants of the course for 3 weeks after the respective online date at no additional cost - exclusively for personal use.
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No online attending on the in person day!

An integrated Chinese and functional medicine approach with herbs, essential oils and nutrients

Course language: English with German translation
Interpreter: Daniela Henning, Werner Freystätter
Script: in English

Explore the integrated functional treatment of mood disorders!

Course description

Mood disorders and emotional neuroses are widely seen and on the rise.  They powerfully influence physical wellbeing as well as the outcome of actual disease.  The ability to identify, diagnose and treat these common conditions at any stage of their development can therefore make a big difference in clinical practice.  In the case of patients on medication or pleasure drugs, systemic treatment can also reduce the need for these, counteract their negative effects and help resolve any actual addiction present.

Taking a systemic integrative approach, in this online seminar we will consider anxiety and depression from three perspectives:

  • The mental-emotional disturbance (often traumatic) that usually underpins them
  • The energetic imbalances that they present – as accurately described in Chinese medicine
  • The dysfunction of brain chemistry: patterns of misrouted hormones and neurotransmitters

For treatment modalities, we will explore herbal and focused nutrient solutions, as well as olfactory therapy techniques with essential oils.  Essential oils can act as especially potent catalysts for managing these disorders as they directly impact the brain's limbic system and modulate peptide functions.  In so doing, they directly help resolve the pathogenic emotions and their energetic imbalances that underpin mood disorders.

This information-packed seminar will include ...

  • Detailed presentation and systemic treatment of common mood disorders, including anxiety, depression, OCD and PTSD
  • The biochemistry, emotional neuroses and patterns of energetic imbalance seen in each mood disorder
  • Pathogenic emotions as cause of mood disorders as well as chronic disease
  • The treatment of patterns of brain peptide imbalance associated with particular mood disorders
  • The typical body-mind energetic imbalances seen in each disorder, with essential oil and acupuncture point treatment
  • How to evaluate a client's whole condition using Six-Condition Functional Diagnosis
  • The powerful psycho-energetic effects of essential oils with olfactory therapy

An introduction to the therapy of acupuncture points with essential oils in English


Basic knowledge of Chinese medicine resp. acupuncture and basic course of aroma acupuncture point therapy


All participants will receive a certificate of the “Arbeitsgemeinschaft für Klassische Akupunktur und TCM e.V.”

Peter Holmes
Peter Holmes, L.Ac., M.H.
Interpreter: Daniela Henning
Werner Freystätter
Interpreter: Werner Freystätter

Organization and Costs

Organiser and venue
Ausbildungszentrum Mitte
Frankfurter Str. 59
63067 Offenbach, im Hof Eingang rechts, 3. Stock
Tel: 069 / 82 36 14 17
Fax: 069 / 82 36 17 49

Course dates
Online: 20.03 + 27.03.2024
In person: 18./19.05.2024 (No online attending!)

Online: Wednesday 18.00-21.00 pm (CET)
In person: Saturday 10.00 – 18.00 pm / Sunday: 09.00 - 15.00 pm

Credits: 21

Participants: min. 14

Course fee incl. recording of the online appointments for 3 weeks each: 525 €
AGTCM-members: 420 €
TCM Fachverband Schweiz-members: 472,50 €

Interpreter: Daniela Henning, Werner Freystätter
Script: in Englisch

After receipt of your registration, you will receive an invoice 2-3 weeks before the start of the course with all course dates and the exact information about the payment modalities.