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Online-Course: An Integrated Functional Approach to Treating Drug & Food Addictions

Peter Holmes, L.Ac., M.H.

Course description

Addictions are endemic to our culture and clearly present a second pandemic. Addictive substances include not only soft, hard and prescription drugs, but increasingly addictive commercial 'foods' such as modern techno-wheat and refined sugars. All addictive substances create and perpetuate a craving that, under the right social, emotional, nutritional and neurochemical conditions, can easily turn into a full-blown addiction.
All cravings and addictions result from and in turn promote an imbalance of the Shen or spirit.

This seminar goes to their root by adopting two systemic approaches:

  • Firstly, the patterns of neurochemical imbalance in the brain with their peptide deficiencies.
  • Secondly, the three patterns of Shen disharmony with their wide spectrum of mental states, distressed feelings and pathogenic emotions.

These patterns together cause typical Qi, blood and fluids pathology that can be diagnosed at any stage of the addictive process.
Essential oils and acupuncture points are powerful treatment tools for managing all kinds of drug and food addictions. Oils and points are both neuroactive when carefully and individually selected for treatment. They can be highly effective when used for acute conditions requiring mood stabilization and symptom relief. They can also address chronic conditions when treatment of the systemic condition becomes more important with continued energetic, nutritional and emotional support. We will discuss the energetic and neuroendocrine functions of important oils and points, as well as the typical patterns of peptide, Shen and emotional imbalance they are able to treat.
Using the five Qi movements of essential oils and points in the body, we will present specific, detailed treatment protocols that can be applied to any drug or food addiction at any stage of recovery. Just as importantly, these protocols may also be used for preventive treatment to manage chronic food and drug cravings, thereby reducing the chances of cravings turning into an actual addiction. This information-packed seminar will present the essential theoretical and practical information needed to start incorporating essential oils effectively and safely in clinical practice.

In this seminar we will ...

  • Examine the six basic patterns of neurochemical brain imbalance that underlie all cravings and addictions
  • Discuss craving and addiction as expressions of energetic, emotional and nutritional imbalance generated by trauma
  • Survey detailed profiles of common addictive substances, including tobacco/nicotine, alcohol/ethanol, cocaine, heroin and opiates, refined sugar and modern wheat.
  • Explore the use of neuroactive essential oils to modulate brain chemistry and reduce addictive cravings
  • Learn and practice simple but powerful techniques using essential oils with points for quickly stabilizing acute patients, as well as for reducing food cravings
  • Consider comprehensive treatment strategies for important addiction patterns using points, essential oils, herbs and nutrition

An introduction to the treatment of acupuncture points with essential oils in English.

Some feedback from previous participant …

"My favorite part of this seminar was discussing the brain syndromes and the essential oils for regulating brain chemistry. I am very grateful for the depth of knowledge that you share and your meticulous research and care." – Beth Bullen Lac

"This seminar provided a unique and comprehensive perspective on addictions and cravings. The techniques and philosophy will be invaluable for many who struggle with any kind of addiction." – Tina Dreisbach ND, Lac

"Thank you for the tremendous amount of information, the detailed seminar booklet and product resources. I appreciated the clinical usefulness of the oil-to-point protocols that you can use Monday morning in the clinic." – Beth Farrar Lac

"I enjoyed the completeness of the presentation, which included the historical and cultural context of addictive substances. Thank you Peter for your intellectual curiosity and high standards of excellence. – Heidi Barlin Lac

"The part of the Addictions seminar I appreciated most was learning diagnostic and treatment protocols incorporating the Shen, not just the physiological TCM lens. – Alitia Danciu Lac

"Receiving treatments during the breakout sessions alone was worth the price of admission. Peter is a wealth of applicable knowledge. Every seminar of his that I’ve attended has changed my practice and also given me practical tools for everyday life." – Korianne Haas MD


Knowledge in chinese medicine and acupuncture, completion of Level 1 of Aroma Acupoint Therapy is optional.


All participants will receive a certificate of the “Arbeitsgemeinschaft für Klassische Akupunktur und TCM e.V.”


English with German translation. The course documents are in English.

Peter Holmes
Peter Holmes, L.Ac., M.H.

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recording of the online seminar by Peter Holmes on 07./08./10. und 16./17.10.2022

Credits: 24

Costs: 400 €
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