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Online: Shen Sha - the symbolic stars

Aaron Zizov

This online appointment will be recorded and can be viewed by the course participants as a video stream for up to 6 weeks after the appointment.

Course language: English
Script: in English language

Course Description

In Chinese astrology, Shen Sha, also known as "Symbolic Stars," are special stars that hold significant meaning and influence over a person's destiny, character, and life events. 
These stars are often associated with specific animals from the Chinese zodiac and are used in various calculations to provide insights into a person's life path. 
There are several Shen Sha in Chinese astrology, and each has its own unique characteristics and interpretations.

The presence and influence of these stars in a person's astrological chart can provide insights into their life path and potential experiences.

In this four hours seminar we will understand the meanings of the common symbolic stars and how to see them in the Ba Zi chart. 

Main symbolic stars:

  • Intelligence star
  • Nobleman star
  • Peach blossom star
  • Sky horse star
  • Arts star
  • Loneliness star
  • Void star
  • Emptiness star
  • Hidden moaning star
  • Good fortune star
  • Heavenly virtue star
  • Medicine star
  • Knowledge star
  • Mysticism star


Basic knowledge of Chinese Medicine and knowledge of Ba Zi, Stems and Branches.


All participants will receive a certificate of participation from the Association for Classical Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine (AGTCM).

Aaron Zizov
Aaron Zizov


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Online date:
Thursday 07.03.24

Time schedule – central european summer time (CEST)
Online from 18.00 - 22.00 hrs.

Participants: min. 6

Credits: 4

Costs: 100 €
AGTCM-members: 80 €
TCM Fachverband Schweiz-Members: 90 €

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