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Online: Yi Ching Acupuncture

Aaron Zizov

This online appointment will be recorded and can be viewed by the course participants as a video stream for up to 6 weeks after the appointment.

Course language: English
Script: in English language

Course Description

Yi Ching acupuncture is a system for selecting acupuncture points based on the principles of classical Chinese texts and a variety of different models of Chinese philosophies.  
The system is also known as the Balance Method and combines six ways to balance the acupuncture pathways with specific points that produce highly effective results in the clinic.

In this four-hour online seminar, we will understand the theory of the 6 methods and learn how to apply them in practice

The 6 methods:

- Balance Method 1 - Balancing the six pairs of pathways.
- Balance Method 2 - Balancing Yin-Yang Guidance Pathway Pairs 
- Balance method 3 - Balancing with Shu and He acupuncture points
- Balance method 4 - Balancing according to the daily meridian clock or organ clock
- Balance method 5 - Balancing the position of the meridians and their correspondences
- Balance method 6 - Balancing via the hexagrams

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Basic knowledge of Chinese Medicine and knowledge of Stems and Branches.


All participants will receive a certificate of participation from the Association for Classical Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine (AGTCM).

Aaron Zizov
Aaron Zizov


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Frankfurter Str. 59
63067 Offenbach
Tel: 0049 69 / 82 36 14 17, Fax: 0049 69 / 82 36 17 49

Online date:
Thursday 23.05.24

Time schedule – central european summer time (CEST)
Online from 18.00 - 22.00 hrs.

Participants: min. 6

Credits: 4

Costs: 100 €
AGTCM-members: 80 €
TCM Fachverband Schweiz-Members: 90 €

You can register online in English for the course.

Upon receipt of your registration, you will receive an invoice 2-3 weeks before the start of the course with all course dates and detailed information on payment methods.